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Decorated Christmas TreeChristmas is just around the corner – meaning that now is most certainly the time to start thinking about getting the kids geared up for the big day!  The festive season is always full of joy and smiles – and if you’re in the process of setting up a Christmas-themed event or party, why not provide the little ones with a magical day to remember with our fantastic Pick n’ Mix Elf Academy workshops?  Our magical elves arrive at your event to help teach children what being an elf is all about – from fun and games, to singing songs and even to making crafts.

Along with full room decorations that can be provided on request, we’ll welcome your child with juice, cookies, themed hats to wear during workshop exercises and even an ‘Elf Approval’ certificate to take away at the end of each event – to help commemorate the day!  We can set up our Elf Academy workshops with competitions, additional marketing and more – but where the real meat of the matter lies is in the workshops themselves!

What happens in the Elf Academy workshops?

Our elves will help children write and craft some truly spectacular letters to send to Santa – after all, how else is he going to know what presents to send where?  We’ll even throw in replies from the big man himself for every child who takes part – a really lovely touch which will warm the heart of anyone in love with the idea of Christmas.  There’s also the Flight School workshop – where, against a magical sleigh backdrop, the little ones can hear tales about Santa, Rudolph and his reindeer, and can take part in craft activities and games – such as our brilliant Elf Workouts!

Christmas Gingerbread biscuits

There’s more creative Christmas fun on the cards with our Wishes in a Mug workshops.  Put on an elf hat and apron and get designing your own mugs – and write a wish to place inside.  Who knows – if you give your mug to someone as a present, your wish may well come true!  You may even get a visit from Santa himself – while making wrapping paper to bundle it all up in.  There’s also a fantastic Present Making workshop where our elves will help children to design and craft their own presents to take away – and, of course, there is always complimentary juice and cookies provided, as well as certificates!

If your kids are into sweet treats – are there any who aren’t? – they’ll really get into our Elf ‘Cookery’ Classes.  Kids can get stuck into decorating treats such as gingerbread men, chocolate lollipops, cookies and cupcakes – and you can rest assured that everything is safe and hygienic as approved by our local council.  From there, there’s the Elf Toy Testing workshop – a great opportunity for kids to try a huge selection of great games and toys which we will ask them to ‘score’ for Santa’s records!

As a fantastic finale, there is always an Elf Christmas Party – and you and the little ones can boogie along to a great selection of music, games, activities and surprises.  You can even embellish this with an Elf Buffet – complete with waiters straight from the North Pole!

Bring a little bit of Christmas magic to your event this festive season – let Pick ‘n’ Mix Events help you get Christmas off to a swinging start with wonderful Elf Academy activities for youngsters!  To find out more about our activities and workshops, call us today on 07926 055523 or download our brochure at your convenience!

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