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Whether you are hosting a corporate gala, a family fun day for colleagues and clients or are looking to make a big show out of a grand opening, hosting your own event or occasion is a fabulous idea – and we’re in a proud position to be able to help you build your perfect event from scratch with the assistance of spectacular entertainment, incredible venue dressing and all the props and mascots you’ll ever need.  With Christmas fast approaching, you may well have thought about how great it would be to host your own winter-themed event – well, winter’s far from over – and Pick N Mix have a whole host of seasonal event goodies to help you brighten up guests of all ages.

We’ll help you create an incredible themed eventFire performer holding fire

Themed events really do go down a treat, particularly on the commercial front – and whether your aim is to celebrate a seasonal affair or calendar event such as Easter, Bonfire Night or Christmas, we have mascots, music, props, backdrops, entertainers, special performers, lighting and more to help flesh out the look you’re hoping to create.  Don’t just limit yourself to calendar events, either – as we’re more than happy to help build you the perfect event entertainment and themed package based on an array of different ideas and popular concepts.

Travel back in time or enter a comic book world

Take your guests back in time with our impressive medieval venue dressing, themed characters and events – or take advantage of the big comic book trend hitting cinemas with a superhero theme, always a winner with the kids!  On a similar note, you could even enchant your guests with a theme based around a popular children’s book, or even add glitter and sparkle to proceedings with a tailored princess theme – complete with entertainers and sideshows built and dressed to fit the look and concept you’re aiming for.

Create your own theme with Pick ‘n’ Mix

You can even build a theme with Pick N Mix based on certain events that may only come around every few years – the world is set to go football mad next summer with Russia’s World Cup in 2018, meaning that a football-themed affair could be a real back-of-the-net decision for your corporate gala or event – take advantage of current trends and what people seem to be interested in and really run with them!  Always get in touch with us to see what’s available and we will help you to generate fun and laughter from guests of all ages.

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Planning a corporate event needn’t be a hassle nor a stuffy affair – entertaining your guests can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a brilliant range of games, entertainment and fantastic set design to really kick things into gear!  If you are interested in bringing a specific theme, idea or concept to your corporate event and would like to know more about getting started, call Pick N Mix today on 07926 055523 – or email us with an extended query at your convenience.  Don’t let your event blend in with the rest – bring seasonal and themed cheer to guests all year round!

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