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Summer’s here – at last!  This means school’s out, and the kids will be looking for something fun to do over the holidays – if you’re planning an event or are looking for new ways to bring a little fun to the summer, look no further than our most popular bookable events – here are the top 5 most popular summer activities and attractions we are offering here at Pick N Mix throughout August!

Interactive Lights Out TableIPS table for event hire

Our brilliant interactive table-built game is fun for all the family – simply press out as many lights as you can within the time limit while playing against an opponent!  This inflatable, wireless game comes with three modes and can be delivered in a range of different themes – from castles to farms, and from pirates to princesses.  Our Lights Out table is interactive fun for youngsters and parents alike, offering fun high score chasing that allows for everyone to come and have a go with a quick turnaround.

Ice Cream Mascot

At Pick N Mix, we’re delighted to be able to bring a range of interactive characters and mascots to any events we cater to – whether you’re looking for summer activities or otherwise.  Kids love mascot characters – and one of the most popular summer choices is our Ice Cream character, who can attend your event or party and can help to meet and greet guests as well as join in with some of the fun.  Whether you’re looking for cheeky or cheery, all good family events should have a mascot on patrol to help everyone get into a party mood!

Seaside-Themed Craft Workshops

Hands-on summer activities are a blast – and there’s no better way to help keep kids’ minds active at an event than a fun creative workshop or two!  Our seaside-themed craft workshops allow kids to make their own wooden crafts and sand arts to take home with them – all fully supervised and led by workshop leaders who know to bring fun to the table while making sure everyone is safe and happy.  Seaside-themed craft opportunities also allow kids to really get into the summer spirit – while the weather lasts!

Interactive Story Teller

For younger kids – and even older kids who like a bit of escapism every now and again – there’s plenty of opportunity for you to introduce a story teller in to the summer party mix.  Our story tellers even allow the youngsters to get involved – meaning that it’s less about sitting and listening and more about getting directly involved with some of the brilliant themed stories we can bring to your event!

Under 5s’ Soft Play and Inflatables

Let’s face it – which kids don’t like inflatables and soft play areas?  We’re proud to offer safe-assured toys and play areas with a themed twist – meaning that you can keep younger children happy with vibrant and colourful toys with their happiness and safety guaranteed.  You can easily incorporate our soft play games and toys into your various summer activities as part of our flexible packages and catalogue.

Summer’s just begun – why not have your event celebrate the brilliant weather and the best of the seaside while the sunshine holds out?  For summer activities guaranteed to bring smiles to guests young and old, we’re only too happy to help.  Email Pick N Mix with any queries you may have, or chat to us directly on 07926 055523 – we’ll add summery twists to your event with all the bells and whistles.

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