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Event Catering Services

Our event catering facilities offer some amazing and mouth-watering foods which your visitors will love and certainly be queuing back up for more! With hot succulent BBQ foods, fresh sticky candyfloss, slow cooked juicy pulled pork cobs and many more tasty treats to offer!catering services for hire

Some of our most popular catering services we have for hire include:

  • Candy Floss Cart and Server
  • Popcorn Cart and Server
  • Cold Buffet
  • American themed BBQ

If you would like a specific type of food please do let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs.

Food safety and hygiene is our top priority and our company catering policies are followed at all times.

Here’s a little more information about our catering facilities:

  • We have a 5* Food Hygiene rating and are licensed under NE Derbyshire District Council.
  • Our catering managers and cooks are fully qualified in food safety.
  • All catering staff are fully trained before working with food.
  • We have a current PAT certificate for our electrical equipment.
  • We have a current safety certificate for our gas equipment. All gas bottles are kept in closed gas housing whenever in use
  • Our SFBB pack is available for clients to view on the day of the event
  • We have a food allergen ingredient list available for the public to view at every event.
  • Fire safety equipment is kept at every catering unit. All fire extinguishers have a current safety certificate
  • Our catering units maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness at all times.

If you would like any help promoting or organising your event, please contact our Event Management team who are always ready and willing to offer their advice!

For a high quality and friendly catering services at your event simply please call 07926 055523 or email today.