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Active Play

Active Play

Every event needs an area where visitors can let off steam and burn a bit of energy. Our Active Play equipment provides the perfect way to do this under the safe supervision of our fully trained event staff.

We have activities to suit people of all ages and abilities which can be housed both indoors and outside.

Our Active Play entertainment includes:

  • Crazy Golf
  • Wacky Races (perfect for team building events)
  • Adult Sports Day
  • Giant/Outdoor Games
  • Lawn Croquet
  • Magical Dress-up (perfect for under 5’s)
  • Circus Skills
  • And lots more!

Our Active Play equipment not only provides hours of fun for the kids, but also a form of traditional family entertainment. Activities such as Crazy Golf offer a game which all the family can play and enjoy, creating those magical memories which last forever.

Active Play isn’t just for the kids, adults enjoy our games and activities just as much. Our Wacky Races and Adult Sports Day events are perfect for Team Building and Corporate Fun Days. These activities encourage team work and bring out the competitive streak in all of us. They’re fun to play and fun to watch!

All of our Active Play equipment brings out our inner child and reminds us all of a time when we were kids. We love to see the dad’s remembering how to juggle or spin a plate on Circus Skills; the mums dressing their daughters as princesses and wearing a tiara themselves whilst playing with our princess tea sets in Magical Dress-up. We guarantee all the family will enjoy taking part in our Active Play!

If you would like any help or advice organising your event please do contact our Event Management team who are always happy to help.

For more information on our Active Play equipment for hire please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!