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Fire Performers

Fire performer breathing fireIf you’re looking for that extra spark to add to your organised Bonfire Night, or if you’re looking to add a bit more in the way of sizzle to your festive event, why not hire a fire performer?  Fire performances require immense skill, bravery and experience – and here at Pick N Mix Events, we have some of the most breath-taking professionals available for hire throughout the country.

Offering complete UK coverage, our talented fire performers can offer the following skills and techniques to really ignite your guests’ amazement:

  • Fire breathing
  • Fire eating
  • Fire dance
  • Fire poi
  • Fire hoops
  • Body burning
  • Angle grinding
  • Fire staffs
  • Fire whips and fans

All of our fire performers are fully trained to industry safety standards as well as being fully insured for public liability – and we only hand-pick and promote the safest and most professional performers available for hire in the UK.  Choose from a range of male or female performers who not only have safety in mind, but also know how to really light up the evening – and we can of course provide additional stewarding and barriers should you have any specific safety or security concerns – just let us know!

Tailored to Any Event

Fire performances from Pick N Mix can be tailored to any event need and/or audience – meaning that if you’re looking to appeal to a family-friendly or more adult-orientated audience, we will be able to tailor performers and performances to suit your needs and theme.  You’ll even be able to hire a fleet of choreographed fire performers – or one or two if you’re hosting a smaller affair!

Fire performers at an eventFire performances for hire are high demand towards the end of the year, meaning that booking ahead of October and November is essential.  Our performers and performances are all risk-assessed and attend with all the safety equipment you’ll need to keep your guests happy, safe and entertained at all times.  Professionalism and fun should be offered in equal measure – and who doesn’t love a fire performance?

Fire performers are just some of the incredible artists we’re happy to provide to events and shows up and down the UK.  Whether you’re hosting a family fun day or a private corporate affair, why not get in touch with us to book a sizzling and sensational sideshow?  Fire performances work especially well in colder months and especially after sundown – call us on 07926 055523 to learn more or email us and we’ll get back in touch with you!