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Clowns are always a figure of fun and find their way to all manner of events and gatherings – and these days they come far and wide with a variety of different looks and styles.  Clowns are versatile, professional and multi-skilled, meaning that you’re in for a treat with each and every hire – balloon modelling, magic tricks and more can really make for a mesmerising afternoon or evening for all ages.  The perfect addition to any corporate event or family fun day, our street performers and professional clowns come with full licencing and our personal guarantee.

Our clowns are at home just as much wandering through the crowds as they are on stage – meaning that they can perform ad-hoc tricks and shows for children and families on their way through, or at the own designated points during any fair or event.  If you’d prefer our performers to put on a show for your guests, no problem – our clowns can arrive with full sets that they can perform to help wow the crowds whatever the weather.  Whether entertaining at a big opening or a corporate or county show, our clowns can help add that effortless touch of fun to any day or evening event.

Themed performers for you

A clown with some children outsideWe regularly supply clowns for events such as light switch-ons and ceremonies and even dinner parties – they make for a wonderful alternative to run-of-the-mill entertainment, and each and every one of our performers are experienced, professional and best of all – experts at raising cheer.  We can even supply clowns and themed performers with certain acts and themes – for example, our hilarious comedy policeman act, complete with police dodgem car (which won’t use up a penny of your electricity and can even operate indoors and outdoors)!

Whether you are running a themed event based on the season or are looking for an entertaining and flexible performer to help bring a touch of fun to your fair or big opening, we have some of the best clowns available for hire in the UK today.  Please note – we can supply performers throughout the country but may not be able to cover all areas, so do get in touch with us to enquire about availability before hiring.  Call Pick N Mix Events on 07926 055523 today or email us with a specific enquiry – and we look forward to adding a touch of light-hearted comedy and fun to your event or show!


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