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Magician with some cards

From classic slight-of-hand to mind reading and bizarre optical illusions, there is hardly more captivating entertainment for all ages than magic.  Our magicians offer professional and wildly entertaining tricks and shows that aim to wow and directly involve your guests – meaning that whether they are roaming or offering their own complete stage shows, we can supply some of the UK’s most entertaining tricksters to attend your corporate event or show.

Acting as an agency for a range of different magicians specialising in various audiences and guests, we can supply children’s’ magicians, street performers and comedy acts to suit your tastes and your guests.  Table magicians, of course, may appeal more to adults – meaning that we encourage you to take a closer look at our catalogue of magical talent to find the best illusionist to fit your show.  If you’re interested in hiring a multi-skilled performer, our magicians can even offer interactive performances, balloon modelling and more – always get in touch if you have a specific idea about the entertainment you’d like to host!

Interactive fun and games

Magic is incredible fun for all ages – even if you can’t work out how most of the tricks are done!  Magicians are great warm-up acts and can easily fill in gaps between performances and announcements, particularly as it’s a sideshow staple that never gets old.  Our multi-skilled performers offer incredible value for money, too – meaning that you may only need to hire the one professional to perform a host of incredible feats and get your guests involved in interactive fun and games.

We’re pleased to be able to supply magicians and acts throughout the UK, though we do encourage you to take a closer look at the various performers we represent so that we may find you a relevant act who can easily attend and mesmerise at your event.  Perfect for corporate shows, family fun days and events hosted in the afternoon or evening, magic is a sideshow that appeals to young and old alike – whether you’re more partial to mind reading or vanishing acts, or can’t get enough of those good old card tricks.

Call Pick N Mix today on 07926 055523 if you’re interested in bringing a little magic to your upcoming event or show – and if you have any specific requests or needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through email – leaving your preferred details so that we can contact you.

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