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Mascot Characters can be seen everywhere you look – sports events, promotional events, theme parks – they are a fantastic way of providing simple family fun and for entertaining kids of all ages. We are proud to offer a wide selection of Mascot Characters for hire to suit each and every event!

Our Characters are performed by members of our fully trained and experienced Performance Team to ensure that we provide fun and memorable characters for each and every one of our clients. Our performers ensure they portray every individual Character to fulfil the expectations of the public and to help bring a safe and enjoyable atmosphere – some of our Mascot Characters are loveable, some are funny, others can be a little bit naughty – but all are loved by the public!

Mascot Characters make your event

With each Character ordered, you will receive a minimum of four 45 minute interactive sessions over a maximum duration of six hours – however, longer visits can be arranged upon request. Our Mascot Characters can offer walkabout sessions, photo opportunities, themed activities, meet and greets, and can participate in opening ceremonies – they can even switch on your Christmas lights!

Our Character visits can take place both inside and outside (weather dependant) and are available to hire all year round – meaning that whether it’s Christmas, Easter or the summer holidays, your event can play host to colourful and comical Mascot Characters whenever you see fit!

We work closely with a trusted factory to design and manufacture almost any character or costume you desire – we also have new suggested characters of our own available for hire throughout the year.

For every Mascot Character visit we will require secure changing facilities as close to the performance area as possible, and the changing facilities will need to be available to the Performance Team throughout the visit.

Make your event even more special…

To make your Character visit even more special, we also have a selection of themed attractions available for hire which complement many of our Mascot Characters.

Our Event Management Team are always on hand to offer help and advice with running or promoting events of all shapes and sizes – simply let us know if you would like us to lend a helping hand, from marketing and organisation through to setting up the big day and arranging Mascot Characters.


For a full list of our ‘Real Life’ Characters, along with further details please do contact us to request a PDF copy of our current ‘Characters Brochure’.


For more information on our Mascot Characters and how they can help turn your family event into a fun and memorable day out for kids and grown-ups alike, why not contact us today via email at or via telephone on 07926 055523 We’ll be happy to organise a quote for you and any assistance you may need.

Please note that all of our Mascot Characters for hire are of our own creation and therefore have no relation to any characters from film, literature, TV programmes or animation, nor do they have any relation to any public figures. We therefore strongly advise that our clients do not associate any of our Mascot Characters with any other existing characters or copyrighted properties upon promoting their event.

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