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Nerf Shootout was added to our portfolio in 2015 and is one of our most popular activities to date. The aim of the game is simple: shoot the floating balls with the Nerf guns!

Our Nerf Shootout consists of an air juggler which is inflated with either a petrol or electric blower. Air is blown out of the cones on the top which keeps the lightweight balls suspended in mid air. Participants use a Nerf gun or crossbow to shoot the balls off with foam bullets.

Perfect for a range of event themes

The game is really easy to play, making it a perfect activity for visitors of all ages and abilities. Toddlers can enjoy the game just as much as teenagers and grandparents! What has been surprising over the years is how much this activity appeals to everyone. Girls enjoy the game as much as the boys. Teenagers and adults don’t feel ‘too old’ to play it and it definitely brings out the competitive side in everyone!

Nerf Shootout can be held both inside and outside under our own gazebo. Please note: Nerf Shootout is not suitable for playing outside on windy days.

As with most of our activities, a fully trained activity supervisor is provided to ensure the safety and happiness of your visitors at all times.

Nerf Shootout is a versatile activity which can be decorated to suit almost any event theme. Previously we have provided a Nerf Shootout with complimenting decor and supervisor costume to fit the theme of: Superheroes, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, food festivals and Halloween. Whatever your theme, we can provide a Nerf Shootout to compliment!

Great for Father’s Day events

We find that our Nerf Shootout is just as much fun for the dads as it is with the kids. More often than not we see the dads taking the guns off their child to ‘show them how its done’! This activity is brilliant for both father and child to play together. It also works really well alongside our Interactive Lights Out Table.

With several of our small competitive activities we can create a day of ‘mini challenges’, complete with score sheets, leader boards and even a trophy for photos at the end. Perfect for team building events, fundraising and promotions.


For more information or to make a booking please contact our events team on 07926055523. Our team are always happy to help in any way they can.

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