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Our ‘Real Life’ Characters can be suitable for any event theme. Providing popular Characters nationwide for all types of events!

High quality Characters for hire

All of our Characters are played by fully trained performers who ensure the mannerisms and personality of the Character are those that families would expect. This really does bring the character to life!

As with all of our Characters, our costumes are custom made for Pick ‘n’ Mix Events to a very high standard. Every little detail is thought about and care is taken when creating a whole outfit which incorporates accessories, wigs and footwear. We aim to make every Character visit special and memorable. A high quality costume certainly helps us to do just that.

Our Characters will generally provide four 45 minute interactive sessions/activities (or the equivalent of) over a period of six hours. We’re more than happy to create a daily schedule with our clients before the event.

As well as offering traditional family favourites from loved fairy tales and stories, we also provide new and current Characters.

Our events team research current trends and topics which help us to provide Characters which we know will prove popular at certain times of the year. Some Characters are more popular with certain age groups, some during specific seasons and, some which are always loved by all!


For a full list of our ‘Real Life’ Characters, along with further details please do contact us to request a PDF copy of our current ‘Characters Brochure’.


Popular event activities

Our events team specialize in creating whole event packages to suit a particular theme, season or budget. We can build a whole event based on certain Characters. We have numerous complimenting themed activities available to hire. Whether you are hosting a promotional event, family fun day or team building event we can certainly create a unique entertainment package to suit.

One of our most popular activity which can easily be altered to cover any theme are our Workshops. We can offer craft workshops, cupcake decorating, toy making and more. Our themed Workshops can event be provided with a themed activity supervisor, props and decorations!

As well as complimenting themed activities we have a whole range of event props an decor to suit any theme. An event can be great with the right activities. However, an event can be truly magical with the addition of props and decor!


We’re always more than happy to discuss your requirements and recommend specific Characters and activities for your event. Please contact our friendly events team on 07926055523 or via email at


Please note that all of our Real Life Characters for hire are of our own creation and therefore have no relation to any characters from film, literature, TV programmes or animation, nor do they have any relation to any public figures. We therefore strongly advise that our clients do not associate any of our Real Life Characters with any other existing characters or copyrighted properties upon promoting their event.


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