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We offer loveable seasonal Characters suitable for every event! We have Easter Bunnies, Undead Zombies, Elves, Santa and many more.

Our Characters can help to create a magical festive atmosphere at any event! Providing fun, laughter and memories your visitors will treasure forever.

Characters for all seasons

Our seasonal Characters can be hired to provide a variety of services. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Switching on Christmas lights
  • Grotto supervision
  • Interactive walkabout sessions or street entertainment.
  • Distributing mini Easter eggs, Christmas sweets, etc
  • Scarefest entertainment
  • Fancy dress judging and competition drawing

As with all of our Characters for hire, we provide fully trained character performers who ensure that each and every character is portrayed in a way the public would expect. Every Character has its own individual personality and unique mannerisms.

If you would like your event to be recognized on social media then hire our seasonal Characters! Wherever we visit we find that the public love to take photographs and video footage on their mobile phones to share with their family and friends. We can help to create the perfect opportunity to promote social media ‘selfie-share’ competitions.

Providing current and popular Seasonal Characters

As our portfolio is constantly expanding we are sure to have different seasonal Characters from one year to the next. Our clients can relax knowing that we can always provide something different, which will encourage their visitors to return year after year!

We have a huge selection of seasonal entertainment for hire to compliment a Character visit. Whether you require an Easter Egg Hunt, Spooky Story Telling or a Santa’s Grotto, we are sure to have the perfect entertainment for your event.


For a full list of our ‘Real Life’ Characters, along with further details please do contact us to request a PDF copy of our current ‘Characters Brochure’.


For more information on our seasonal Characters for hire please contact our friendly team today!

Our Event Management Team are always happy to advise which Characters are best suited to your event or, which Characters are current and popular. Our team can even create unique entertainment packages to suit your individual requirements. Contact our Event Management Team on 07926 055523 or email to see how we can help you create the perfect seasonal event.


Please note that all of our seasonal Characters for hire are of our own creation and therefore have no relation to any characters from film, literature, TV programmes or animation, nor do they have any relation to any public figures. We therefore strongly advise that our clients do not associate any of our seasonal Characters with any other existing characters or copyrighted properties upon promoting their event.

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