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We have a selection of amazing Superheroes to suit a variety of events! Everybody loves superheroes – they remind us of our childhood, spark our imagination and bring a smile to our face!

The first superhero was created in 1934, which means no matter what your age, we can all remember a time when a superhero has been part of our life. Superheroes inspire us and show us how to become a better person. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to meet one?!

Superhero services

Our Superhero Characters can offer a mixture of services during their visit or just simple meet and greets to light up your visitors’ day. Some of the services we will happily include in our visit for no extra charge are:

  • Public meet and greets
  • VIP meet and greet (one on one basis)
  • Interactive walkabout sessions
  • Photo opportunities
  • Competition drawing / grand openings
  • Fancy dress judging
  • Dance off games
  • Participation in party/children’s games (prizes, sound system, and game equipment can be provided for an additional cost)
  • Stage appearances
  • Press coverage opportunities and photo shoots
  • Event promotion (eg distributing leaflets during walkabout sessions, etc)

Our Characters provide numerous interactive sessions/activities during their visit. A full day would usually consist of approximately four 45 minute sessions (or the equivalent of) over a period of six hours. We are more than happy to work with our clients to create a timetable of the daily sessions before the event.

Superhero event activities

We offer a whole range of complimenting superhero themed activities: Craft workshops, Nerf shootout, glitter tattoos, face painting, magical dress up, soft play and more!

We can also provide numerous superhero themed event props and decor to create a truly super stunning atmosphere!


For full details on our Superheroes and other Characters we have available for hire please contact us to request a PDF copy of our current ‘Characters Brochure’.


If you would like any further information on our Superheroes and complimenting activities please contact us on 07926055523 or send us a message via the website. We’d love to hear from you!


Please note that all of our Superhero Characters for hire are of our own creation and therefore have no relation to any characters from film, literature, TV programmes or animation, nor do they have any relation to any public figures. We therefore strongly advise that our clients do not associate any of our Superhero Characters with any other existing characters or copyrighted properties upon promoting their event.

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